Ethay Ookbay ofway Almspsay andway ethay Ookbay ofway Overbspray

(Pig Latin translation of The Book of Psalms and the Book of Proverbs)

Translator: Rory Litwin
Price: $30.00
ISBN-13: 978-0-9778617-0-5
5.5" by 8.5"
222 Pages
Published: January 2012
Trade cloth. Printed on acid-free paper.

Ethay essagemay ofway ethay Olyhay Iblebay ashay eenbay availableway inway anslationtray intoway anguageslay okenspay inway undredshay ofway ationsnay andway ybay undredshay ofway ibestray orfay anymay enturiescay, usthay akingmay ethay ordway ofway Odgay accessibleway oughoutthray ethay orldway. Asway Od'sgay intentionway inway inspiringway ethay anslationtray andway ublicationpay ofway Ishay ordway, orfay ethay ostmay artpay ethay orldway ownay enjoysway anway eraway ofway eacepay etweenbay ationsnay andway osperouspray aternityfray amongway enmay. Ethay adsay exceptionway, ofway oursecay, ashay eenbay ethay asecay ofway ourway ownway elovedbay andlay ofway Igpay Atinialay, ichwhay, aloneway amongway ationsnay orfay enturiescay, ashay anderedway inway ethay arkday ithoutway ethay uidinggay ightlay ofway away anslationtray ofway ethay Iblebay intoway ourway ownway anguagelay, andway ashay ufferedsay enerationsgay ofway ifestray andway utalitybray asway away esultray.

Ethay imetay ofway ourway alvationsay isway atway andhay, asway ethay iligentday olarshipschay ofway Igpay Atinianlay onksmay isway inallyfay oducingpray away anslationtray ofway ethay Iblebay orfay ethay eneralgay eadershipray ofway ethay eoplepay ofway Igpay Atinialay. Isthay ittlelay olumevay, ontainingcay ethay Ookbay ofway Almspsay andway ethay Ookbay ofway Overbspray, epresentsray ethay irstfay uitsfray ofway isthay epochway-akingmay endeavorway.

Aymay ouyay eadray itway ithway oyjay orfay ethay isdomway itway impartsway!